The Barber’s Arms was the brain child of our owner Graham Austen, who we like to call “The Barber”. He imagined a place that his mates would want to hang out with good vibes, smooth tunes, friendly people, serving delicious local ale & cider with instruments on the wall and nobody talking on a mobile or using a computer. Thus the Barbers Arm’s was born in 2013 and has become a central part of Wye village life and developed a passionate and loyal following that are welcoming to visitors who arrive from all over the world to see the little micro pub with a big heart. Drop in and stay for a bit!





We at the Barber’s pride ourselves on an inviting and interesting place for any visitors, young or old, new or a veteran.


Everyone has a mobile right? Well The Barber remembers a time when no one could get hold of you unless they went looking. It is not that The Barber has anything against technology but he likes us to chat face-to-face. So feel free to use your mobile outside or your laptop at a cafe somewhere but when you come in to The Barber’s Arms be prepared to leave the tech behind and just have a good time like we used to do by talking to each other!


We love “man’s best friend” and welcome them into the pub for their own bowl of locally sourced water. So when you are walking through the natural beauty of the Kent Downs with Rover, drop in to say “Woof”!


We have loads of special entertainment from world famous magicians, engagement parties, our annual beer festival and others. Check back here or on our Facebook page for upcoming events or ask how we can help make your’s special.


For those of you that real ale or cider, then you will find the Barber’s Arms a heavenly place. The Barber makes sure there are a small but delicious selection of locally sourced ale and cider with names like Brain Bitter. We also serve wine and coffee. However, we don’t serve lager, cocktails or Happy Meals but we do have delicious pork scratchings!


The Barber likes his tunes and his tastes are broad. From Funk to Jazz he has it covered. However there is still enough silence to chat and have a conversation. sure there are nights that The Barber rolls up his sleeves and turns up the volume which only adds to the magic. You will also find live music being played with instruments on the walls and if you are that way inclined then feel free to grab a guitar or bongo to make some tunes.

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 171 Bridge St, Wye, Ashford TN25 5DP
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